Star Wars: Revelations

Director: Shane Felux Cast: Frank Hernandez Gina Hernandez Holland Gedney Joe Lancaster Karen Hammang Shane Felux Movie Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy Release Date: 2005-04-16
Rating: 4.8/10 Votes: 14
Synopsis Star Wars: Revelations
Seers once shaped the path of the Jedi Order. But their visions grew unreliable and the Jedi came to distrust those with the ability. Seers hid their visions or left the Order forever In the wake of the temple's destruction, a power struggle has emerged between Darth Vader, the dark Lord of the Sith, and Zhanna, the Emperor's Hand. Each seeks to eliminate the last of the Jedi and gain The Emperor's favor. Caught between them is one woman who cannot deny the truth of her visions as all race to possess an ancient 'Jedi secret?
Star Wars: Revelations Online Movie
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