Seven Were Saved

Director: William H. Pine Cast: Ann Doran Byron Barr Catherine Craig Richard Denning Richard Loo Russell Hayden Movie Genre: Drama Adventure Release Date: 1947-03-28
Rating: 6/10 Votes: 2
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Synopsis Seven Were Saved
A nurse is taking an amnesia victim, who was imprisoned by the Japanese during WW II, to the United States in a plane piloted by Richard Denning. The passengers include a Japanese colonel on his way to Manila to face war-crime charges, and a couple who were married on the day they were liberated from a Japanese prison camp. During the flight, the colonel breaks away from his guards, causes the plane to go out of control, and it crashes into the sea. The survivors get into a rubber boat and go through a minor-league version of "Lifeboat, with no Alfred Hitchcock sightings, until Air-Sea Rescue pilot Jim Willis rides to the rescue.
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